Letter from the Principal

My name is Mary and I am the head teacher/principal at PCEA Nanyuki Academy in Kenya, Africa. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for making the Colors of Kids programme a success for our school.

The paints, canvases and brushes were provided for our students and they passionately created works of art.  This experience is the first time that some of our children have ever held a brush and painted before, so as you can see by the finished work, some of the work is quite basic. I hope that will not detour you from helping support our school by purchasing them.

The NCEA Nanyuki Academy has an enrolment of 245 students, 3-10 years old, from kindergarten to grade level 4. We have eight qualified teachers and three non-teaching staff members. Our facility has seven classrooms and an office.  We are in great need of many resources such as chairs, tables, a complete classroom for grade 5, computers, books, crayons, pens, paper and we are hoping to purchase a nice camera for the school to capture special moments, so the children will have a photograph of themselves in that grade.  

On behalf of my students and teachers I sincerely thank you, and may God bless you abundantly.

Warm regards,